Friday, September 14, 2007

First post!

Welcome to the Underblog.  I don't yet know what I'm going to do with it.
I have some ideas, but nothing concrete.  It will most likely end up being a side project to Former Follier's WOTMWatchdog blog.  Thus, the theme will be evangelical Christianity from an atheistic viewpoint, but the focus will be on something other than Way of the Master and its affiliated ministries.

If my idea pans out (and there are currently no guarantees that it will), you will find here an atheist's exploration of evangelical Christianity with a very highly focused scope and from a very intimate, boots-on-the-ground perspective.  It's an approach I haven't seen anyone in the atheist blogger community take before.  I'm both very excited to get started, and concerned about my ability to pull it off.

And just in case you're wondering, no crimes will be committed, no one will be hurt, and no one's privacy will be violated.  I've carefully considered the ethics of what I'm planning, and have concluded that it is, in fact, an ethical project.

I'm not intentionally being coy (really, I'm not), but I'd prefer to say no more for now.  However, if all goes as planned, I'll have more information in a couple days.

Watch this page for further developments.